Salsa Engage Integration with Salesforce

salsa engage integration with salesforce

Salsa Engage provides a native integration with Salesforce NPSP — which for the most part works great. However, I just finished a Salsa Engage Integration with Salesforce and I have to say that the documentation provided did not cover a few important things. This led to unnecessary extra time spent trying to figure it out and so I’ll try and save you that at least 1 headache by explaining the Gender dilemma.

In Salsa Engage: There is a default standard Gender field, that is not visible or available on the Supporter page. But it exists and it’s not mapped to the existing Gender field in SF either.

The Integration created a NEW Gender (salsa) field in Salesforce, even though the system already has one. And the field mapping is locked between the NEW Gender (salsa) field in Salesforce and the Gender field in Salsa itself. Even using the field mapping tool, it’s not possible to fix this and just connect the existing Gender in SF to the default Gender in Salsa.

This is a problem because now both systems have 2 Gender fields — in total, 4.

To solve this we used Process Builder to copy the values back and forth but the whole thing seems avoidable. And it would have been much cleaner if the Documentation was edited to explain this.

Country field — Oh, that’s hidden too!

Ultimately after too much time wasted, I got this message from Salsa:

“There are a few fields in the same vein, such as County and Timezone that are held by Engage, that can be queried on and changed, they’re just not available to view/edit from a supporter record. “

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