Why is the Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Not Working?

Reviews of the Mailchimp Salesforce Integration

This honestly boggles my mind! Salesforce is clearly the market leader in CRM. And Mailchimp is an awesome email marketing platform, generally speaking. They do what they do really, really well. They must have smart engineers on their team to solve problems. Why isn’t each company important enough to the other to fix this problem!?

Why is the Mailchimp Salesforce integration so bad?!

I’ve seen way too many examples where data just gets STUCK and it doesn’t flow back and forth smoothly as it should. You’ll go crazy (and waste too many hours of your life) trying to troubleshoot this. You can’t solve the problem as the user because the problem is rooted in the integration tool itself!

Mailchimp Integration with Salesforce JUST DOESN”T WORK!

My advice is that you need to choose between your systems: One to keep and one has to go. They’re not your children and don’t have feelings 🙂

There are good alternatives to Mailchimp that do indeed integrate nicely with Salesforce!

My favorite right now is Active Campaign

Second place: Predictive Response

They’re both solid tools and while they don’t have a logo as cute as that lil’ chimp, they’ll send your emails and cause you less headaches.

If you need help setting up the integration, have other Salesforce questions, or just want to discuss more — send us a note! We’re happy to help.

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