Salesforce highlights our Consultant Steven Trumble!

It’s said in business all the time — that you’re nothing but the quality of your people. And we couldn’t be more proud of our very own Steven Trumble being highlighted by Salesforce on their official Salesforce Linkedin page. Steven gives back to the Salesforce community by answering questions from other users. One of hisContinue reading “Salesforce highlights our Consultant Steven Trumble!”

Salesforce vs. Hubspot — What’s the best CRM for me?

HubSpot and Salesforce are both popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that offer a range of tools and features for managing customer relationships and driving business growth. There are pros and cons to both platforms, and which one is the best choice for your business will depend on your specific needs and priorities. Some potentialContinue reading “Salesforce vs. Hubspot — What’s the best CRM for me?”

Love What You Do

New research on the Salesforce ecosystem: The promise of “Interesting Projects” is the #1 most important factor to Salesforce consultants picking their next role. Surprised? I’m not. With such a major shortage of talent right now, of course employees want to work on fun and challenging business problems. Most would probably say it doesn’t evenContinue reading “Love What You Do”

Seeing Duplicates? Fix it Before Everyone Goes Cross-Eyed

A core tenet of Salesforce is to have “a single source of truth.” We want all our key touchpoints with a customer to be in one system — so that employees across different departments can all see the same information. We don’t want key notes getting lost! If that’s the case — then what effectContinue reading “Seeing Duplicates? Fix it Before Everyone Goes Cross-Eyed”

Why is the Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Not Working?

Reviews of the Mailchimp Salesforce Integration This honestly boggles my mind! Salesforce is clearly the market leader in CRM. And Mailchimp is an awesome email marketing platform, generally speaking. They do what they do really, really well. They must have smart engineers on their team to solve problems. Why isn’t each company important enough toContinue reading “Why is the Mailchimp Salesforce Integration Not Working?”

How Far is 6 Feet? Oh, it’s 182 Chickpeas.

I saw this sign at a restaurant yesterday and I found it remarkable: 182 chickpeas of distance! It caught me by surprise and got my attention. This is a simple and great example of clever system design. It highlights an often overlooked truth that people can have a hard time comprehending numbers. What is 6Continue reading “How Far is 6 Feet? Oh, it’s 182 Chickpeas.”

Salsa Engage Integration with Salesforce

Salsa Engage provides a native integration with Salesforce NPSP — which for the most part works great. However, I just finished a Salsa Engage Integration with Salesforce and I have to say that the documentation provided did not cover a few important things. This led to unnecessary extra time spent trying to figure it outContinue reading “Salsa Engage Integration with Salesforce”